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Misha’s (19) biggest dream is to become an actor. When he finally gets an audition for an international blockbuster and gets invited by an acclaimed director for an informal meeting afterwards, he finds out what the cost of his ambition is and his life will be changed forever.

Regie & scenario

Gerson Oratmangoen
ProducentThomas Mataheru
Uitvoerend producentSilke Drevel
Arthur Hergarden
DOPCasper van Oort
GafferErwin Smit
Production DesignKlaudia Schenkels
Sound DesignLode Woltersom
MontageRichelle van Loon
ComposerJoris Titawano


Sem Hulsmann, William Sutton, Walt Klink, Bart Klever, Celeste Holsheimer

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